Wednesday , March 29 2017

Android phones gave away Maoists location

The apparent lack of knowledge of Maoists on how the android system-supported mobile phones work has allocated huge blow to them in the last few days.

Police personnel carrying the body of a Maoist killed in an exchange of fire in Malkangiri earlier this week.

VISAKHAPATNAM: The apparent lack of knowledge of Maoists on how the android system-supported mobile phones work has allocated huge blow to them in the last few days.

Leaders & cadres of CPI (Maoist) party have adopted the technology for a range of activities — from making the rocket-launchers to using laptops for the strategy planning. Mobile phones with android system are no exception. There have been reports of underground cadre enjoying the entertainment on their mobiles & taking selfies.

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The selfie of a top party leader operating in the Andhra-Odisha Border special zonal committee, Ramachandra Reddy alias Chalapathi, & his wife Aruna, another important leader, is an example. The fancy for selfies resulted in police getting the latest photos.

Disaster struck, thanks to leaders & cadres using android mobiles as they could be easily tracked. They lost 30 leaders and the cadres in the three encounters or exchanges of fire that took place from Monday to Thursday in Malkangiri district of Odisha along the border with Andhra Pradesh.

They, like many, must have believed that the switching off the mobile would be enough to avoid being tracked. But the fact is, the android system continues to work even after the phone is switched off, like the clock in the mobile showing the latest time when switched on, much after being switched off.

G.S.N. Raju, former Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University, who worked as a professor of electronics & communication engineering, and has done an extensive work in antennas, electromagnetic wave theory and to related fields, says although no incoming and for outgoing calls are possible when the mobile is switched off, the SIM is engaged & all devices supported by the android system are engaged & available for the satellite to be tracked. The system stops working only when a mobile’s battery is removed.

It is believed that the police keep a track of mobile phones of those who are suspected to be in contact with a Maoists. With the help of GPS, they track in on the mobiles of Maoists run on the android system & found their location, even as the Maoists were under an impression that their mobiles could not be tracked because they were switched off.

Mobile signal is available at some places a top the tall Eastern Ghat hills. Since these places are cut off from habitations, the Maoists usually make the calls believing that they cannot be located.

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