Monday , February 18 2019

AndhraPradesh turning into hub of human trafficking

Crime Investigation Department (CID) ofAndhraPradesh said that Vijayawada was one among the major transit points for human trafficking in the world.

Vijayawada: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are concerned about the city becoming a major point for human trafficking where thousands of women and children are being trafficked by various gangs in AndhraPradesh.


According to NGOs, after the State division, rehabilitation of rescued women and children has been very low from the past two-and-a-half-years. A retired senior police official in Crime Investigation Department (CID) of AP said that the city was playing the key role among the major transit points for human trafficking in the world. “There are around 32 lakh women and children in 1,104 brothels in India,” the official said.

AndhraPradesh ranked second among the states in India from which the most number of humans are trafficked. According to HELP organisation founder N Ram Mohan Rao, who recently received President’s award for his contribution in rescuing women and children from trafficking, said that after the State division, the State administration is not providing enough support to Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTU) to keep strict observing on trafficking operations, mainly in Vijayawada.

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“Coming to rescue operations and rehabilitation of victims, our State government has shown very poor improvement in the past couple of years. A lot of awareness has to be created among the people,” Ram Mohan Rao added.

Human trafficking can be categorized as organ transplantation, bonded labour, sexual exploitation, and molecule testing. These are operating as an organised crime in which women mainly from marginalised sections of SC and ST people are becoming targets for the trafficking mafia. Mainly it should be noted that not only girl child will be trafficked but a large number of boys are also being trafficked Ram Mohan Rao said.

In AP, women, and children from almost all mandals of West and East Godavari districts have become susceptible to trafficking. Districts like Anantapur are on top followed by Ongole. Coastal Andhra districts are almost free from this trafficking mafia.

In AP, around 3.2 lakh victims were identified. Across the country, 32 lakh victims, 220 vulnerable mandals and 6 crores bonded labour were identified. They were trafficked for bonded labour , food, shelter, and prostitution.

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