Thursday , February 21 2019

Andhra Pradesh SHE teams in action; 1,000 eve-teasers fixed


The Rajahmundry urban police have announced two SHE teams called ‘A’ and ‘B’, with each team having a woman ASI and five constables.

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A complaint box of SHE team placed at SKVT Women’s College in Rajahmundry on Monday.

Rajahmundry: SHE teams of Rajahmundry urban police have identified as 1,000-eve teasers and filed nine FIRs against them in the last seven months for harassing the women, especially college-going students, by passing unsavoury remarks, making obscene gestures, following and even pulling their chunnis while riding on bikes.

The Rajahmundry urban police have introduced two SHE teams called ‘A’ and ‘B’, with each team having a woman ASI with five constables. The police personnel from these teams will be on the lookout for eve-teasers at the junior, degree and professional colleges, especially during the opening and closing hours.

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The police have released a mobile phone number and advised women facing trouble from eve teasers to send either text messages to that number through WhatsApp or SMS or to make a direct phone call informing about the nature of their trouble and location of their presence.

The police have also set up complaint boxes at an educational institution and also at several public places like bus stand and other places. Harassed women can write their complaint on a sheet of paper with the eve teasers name and his mobile phone number or the other details, if possible, and place it in the box.

The police personnel will collect the complaints from the boxes regularly and also to initiate follow-up action. The police said in the last seven months, they identified 1,000 eve-teasers based on complaints and feedback from the victims and provided counselling to them and released.

When some women were subjected to the severe harassment, based on their complaints, nine cases were registered at the police station under relevant sections.

Rajahmundry Urban SP B. Raja Kumari said, “We are confident that the women can walk freely on the roads in the city to go to college or to the other public places as we have created an atmosphere in the city that no eve-teasing will be tolerated at any cost as the personnel from SHE teams are on prowl to attend to calls of trouble from the victims swiftly.”

The SHE teams are not only acting upon eve-teasers but also providing a counselling to youngsters who are acting in haste and trying to elope with boyfriends. The SHE teams are also coming to the rescue of girls and students who are raising an alarm when in danger.

“It is good SHE teams are coming to help the young girls,” said V. Hyma, mother of two daughters living in Innispet area in the city,

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