Monday , March 25 2019

Andhra Pradesh selected for Earth Networks

Andhra Pradesh selected for Earth Networks

Andhra Pradesh became eighth largest state in India selected for Earth Networks

Andhra Pradesh is eighth largest state in India to be selected as Earth Networks, today announced by officials of Earth Networks Total Lightning Network solution to power a new statewide weather network defensive residents across a region well known for severe climate. Contract was signed in the attendance of the CM of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the service and skills were studied and approved by a committee of experts containing of Seshagiri Babu, Skrikanth, Murthy, Professor Varadarajan and Kanungo.

As recorded more than 1600 citizens died due to dangerous weather circumstances throughout India in 2016 alone with inundating and lightning claiming the second highest fraction of weather related deaths and Andhra Pradesh is the 1st state in India to adopt the full range of Earth Networks lightning discovery competences, counting advanced lightning detection, fast sensors and dangerous storm warnings.

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Over 1500 sensors in more than 90 countries Earth Networks Total Lightning Network is the most widespread and technologically progressive lightning network in the world and its ability to monitor in cloud lightning enables predictors to generate faster contained storm alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather such as downbursts heavy rains and high winds in turn scenery it apart from other lightning networks and lightning data from the network are vital to the actual time documentation of downpour occurrence, coverage, location, trends and intensity.

AP state government and tragedy response activities also gain access to a pair of Earth Networks products that further aid the state in saving lives and plummeting property injury that occurs due to severe climate while helping sectors such as aviation, utilities, agriculture, education and insurance protect critical infrastructure. Delivers real time teamwork capabilities for users to make brainy climate related results and increase response preparation lead time for severe climate proceedings.

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