Tuesday , March 19 2019

Andhra Pradesh Roads to the Capital Region Far from Being World Class

Guntur: Many roads in the capital region, except those used by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to reach the interim secretariat, are in a state of desolation.


Mr. Naidu travels from his residence in Velagapudi via Venkatapalem and Mandadam to Velagapudi on the Bund River and this road is virgin. However, the road from Krishnayapalem to Penumaka and that from Tullur to Nidamarru through Nelapadu, Sakhamuru, Inavolu, Kuragallu is a road to hell.

Even the river bund road after Uddandarayunipalem up to Vaikuntapuram is full of potholes and pits and without black upper layer. The road from Rayapudi to Uddandarayunipalem by Lingayapalem also gives rugged laps to the users. Anantaram to Vadlamanu, Rayapudi, Abbarajupalem and Borupalem, Nirukonda to Kuragallu roads are in a state of negligence. Although the main road from Tullur to Mangalagiri was developed, the road linking Penumaka to Krishnayapalem is completely damaged.

Another problem faced by some villages in the capital is the use of heavy trucks carrying sand from the banks. People are facing problems of these trucks in Rayapudi, Krishnayapalem, Undavalli, Penumaka. On Wednesday, residents organized a demonstration in Atmakuru. T. Srinivas, a local, said the trucks crossing the village have completely damaged the road.

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A native of Penumaka G. Naresh Reddy said thousands of trucks fold every day of the village and the pollution of the dust they cause is enormous. Even though the government says world-class infrastructure will be developed, roads in the capital region do not even meet local standards, Naresh Reddy said.

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Andhra Pradesh Roads to the Capital Region Far from Being World Class
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