Friday , April 26 2019

Andhra Pradesh is hosting the first ever hot-air balloon festival

Araku Valley Festival that is going to have occurred in Andhra Pradesh, has a line-up of 16 balloons hailed from 13 countries.


This November month, Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh will see its first-ever worldwide balloon festival. Backed by Andhra Pradesh tourism department, this three-day gala from 14-16 November has a line-up of sixteen balloons from 13 nations including USA, Australia, South Korea, India, and Brazil.

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Situated at an altitude of 1300m beyond sea level, Araku Valley—a 3-hour drive from Vizag city—is a well-known hill station and one of the utmost scenic spots in the Andhra Pradesh state. The trip to the Araku valley is just as alluring as the real destination as you pass orchards, tunnels, and waterfalls on the way to the place.


Though you are there, hop on one of the hot-air balloons for an early morning flying—take part in this competition (Website) for a chance—to clasp the morning light spread above the spectacular valleys of Araku. Immerse in the gorgeous aerial sights, but don’t strain if you can’t make it that early. There is a lot more to suggestion. To keep the young ones amused, special shaped balloons like Neptuno, Iwi the kiwi, and the Bee will make an arrival. Watch para-motoring shows by pilots from all over the globe or do a couple of trips about the area. You can also visit coffee farmhouses or check out the tribal village up-close. As the sun goes down, you can contribute in tethered flights before heading back to the site. End your day with Night Glow, a color and light show with exaggerated balloons.

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