Thursday , February 21 2019

Andhra Pradesh government steps up efforts to promote wind power

Getting pressure from the GoM on energy, the Andhra Pradesh state government has taken this verdict.


Vijayawada: The closure of two entities in Dr. Narla Thatharao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) two days back is a segment of the state government’s mechanism for regular checking, rendering to sources from the energy section. Media had predicted previously about the prospect of reducing thermal production in a phased way in the state to inspire the wind power utilization.

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Getting pressure from the GoM on energy, the Andhra Pradesh state government has taken this verdict. In the coming days, there are bound to be several more such activities in the energy sector, representatives said. There are total seven units in the NTTPS in Ibrahimpatnam of which two entities of 500 mw and 210 mw each were closed. M. Padma Sujatha, NTTPS chief engineer has said that the power generation was clogged following commands from the state load dispatch center at Gunadala.

“We have closed two of our entities as per the instructions owed to reduced demand. There is a growth in wind and hydel power with the augmented flow into Srisailam. The Load Dispatch Centre has inquired us to shut the entities for three days,” the chief engineer stated. The 500 maw entity generates about 12 million units and the 210 maw breeds around 5.2 million units in a day. The overall capacity of Dr. N.S. Ibrahimpatnam is 1760 mw.

Appealing that there is 154 percent upsurge in wind power production, the officials have vexed to impress upon Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu at a gathering on 13th September that wind power is the finest alternative to the customary hydel and thermal power manufacturing. The Group of Ministers (GoM), yet, has been trying to upkeep the cause of few wind power businesses in Rayalaseema about which media has reported. This became flawless with statistics delivered by the officials to the CM, last Wednesday. The CM also has suggested the energy officials focus on growing the renewable energy production and should ensure that the thermal power production should come down.

Specific senior bureaucrats have instructed the CM that the adjoining state, Tamil Nadu, is fronting problems with wind power units and also clarified how they would become a liability over a period of time.

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