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Andhra Pradesh eyes Unesco tag for its heritage spots

Andhra Pradesh eyes Unesco tag for its heritage spots

Andhra Pradesh Lepakshi likely to be comprised in India’s tentative slant.

With the looming celebration of World Heritage Day on April 18 the request for historical locations in Andhra Pradesh to be deemed Unesco World Heritage Sites has come to the fore again and however not a single inheritance construction from the state has made it to India’s hesitant list of places. Tentative list is record of sites future by the state party to Unesco as per the reports. Here, World Heritage Committee considers for nomination to the World Heritage list and those sites that have been included in the hesitant lists of state parties, now a date 44 properties have been comprised in India’s hesitant slant.

Hyderabad Chapter of the Archaeological Survey of India has been asked by Lour dusamy the ASI director of World Heritage to prepare complete proposal for four heritage sites, Salihundam, Nagarjunakonda, Lepakshi, Sankaram to check if they can be encompassed in the tentative tilt. Here the Ministry for Culture and Tourism turned down requests of the Andhra Pradesh govt to include Borra Caves, Gandikota Fort, Guntupalli Caves and Chandragiri Fort, Amaravati Maha Stupa in the Unesco Heritage List and said that they were not a part of the hesitant list as per the report.

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As per the officials, Edward Paul a prominent historian and a member of Intach and the deliberate sites have a high latent to get the Unesco it will help put the sites on the world map and but the state govt has to comply with the stringent rules first and one of the major criteria is that no growth works can be taken up around the site and Kanna Babu, deputy superintendent archaeologist of the Hyderabad Chapter of the ASI said as source, here proposed heritage sites in undivided Andhra Pradesh did not make it to the tentative list because of the human habitations around them and because of the lack of amenities for companies.

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