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Andhra Pradesh: Ancient Temples Have Strong Storage Tanks

Andhra Pradesh former sovereigns hailed for meticulous planning of ponds.


Anantapur: Ancient hills and forts have perennial drinking water resources, even throughout the summer, whereas villages and metropolises face water shortages because of the exhaustion of ground water. The perennial water origins are ponds that were made out through the rule of the Nolamba Pallava and Vijayanagar territories. There are two ponds near to Lord Ramalingeswara temple situated on Madakasira hill, which were carved out in the Nolamba Pallava era about seven centuries back.

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The pond that is situated towards the north of the temple comprises potable water, whereas the pond positioned towards the south of the temple comprises saline water, which can be used for local purposes. Kadiri Narasimhulu, an 85-year-old local of the region, said “We are able to get drinking water and water for domestic usage all through the year. I have been going to the temple for the last 5 decades.”

O.Chandrasekhar Reddy, the retired Andhra Pradesh DSP had said that the perennial water origins were evidence to the careful planning made out by the former rulers, to alleviate rain discrepancy conditions. “Though groundwater sources have exhausted to 900 feet in several parts of the area, these water supply systems endure to provide more water through the year, without depending on electricity, and without posturing any threat to the hill area,” he stated.

There is a lake situated near to the Lord Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple, at the topmost of the hill at Penukonda, the capital of Vijaynagar Territory. The lake was constructed through the rule of Krishnadevarya, 5 centuries back, and the water level in that lake has remained untouched till now. There is one more water source named Pasirakki Well, which situates on the suburbs of Penukonda that contains water even through the summer season.

Prathap Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh chairman of Ghanagiri Development Committee had said that Ruler Sri Krishnadevaraya had focused on the usage of scientific technology to deliver perennial sources. Yaganti and Mahanandi ponds that are situated in temple locations have never dried out. The Mahanandi pond waters some hundreds of acres of land each day, with water that drifts naturally. However the Gooty Municipality in Anantapur district is undergoing a severe drinking water calamity, a sequence of water-filled ponds is available on the hilltop, close by Gooty Fort.

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