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Ananya Kasaravalli Kannada movie makes it to prestigious film festival

Ananya Kasaravalli Kannada film 

Ananya Kasaravalli

Ananya Kasaravalli initiated work on her directorial entrance, Harikatha Prasanga, closely a year ago. Now, the movie has made it to the Busan Movie Festival and boasts being the first Kannada movie to make the cut. The movie, which contracts with the life of Hari, a Yakshagana performer who is recognized to play female characters, and his gender characteristics disaster, has been creating buzz amongst cinephiles of the festival tour.

It is a huge deal to have made it to Busan. This is a huge opening for us and a lot of have ever since taken the movie seriously. Given that Busan is considered the Cannes of the East, this festival is going to be important. We have a few additional festivals lined up for the following four months, and we will be roaming to several places, declares Ananya.

The movie has Shrunga of Paraari celebrity playing Hari. My father Girish Kasaravalli saw the first cut and said that he was happy for me and happy with the way the movie revolved out. He also told me that the movie is going to make an impression on the festival circuits, states Ananya.

Producer Basant Kumar Patil, who made seven national and international award winning movies in Kannada.

Parenthetically, Ananya had completed two telefilms and two documentaries, containing Kappu Kallina Saitanaand Vasiyatnama based on short stories by Bolwar Mahamad Kunhi and Saadat Hasan Manto.

Kapplu Kallina Saitana has obtained the best short movie award in the student’s category at the Pune International Movie Festival, and was screened at several movies festivals.

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