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Amazon Echo and Google is going to replace Artificial Intelligence speakers into telephones

Amazon Echo and Google home is used to make calls by replacing speakers

Amazon and Google are working on to turn their popular home speaker products into replacements for a home telephone.Respective smart speakers of Google and Amazon’s sooner could gain an another functionality. The new feature of Amazon Echo and Google Home could arrive this year, a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon echo

The new feature is all about which is used to make and receive phone calls. Now-a-days the Smart home products play a crucial role in each and every one’s life where people are getting fascinated about the home automation. The smart home products like the Amazon Echo have become significant in the lives of many people and the availability to make direct phone calls from the device itself will be a valuable one.

The major issues both the Google and Amazon are facing is all about telecom regulations, emergency services, privacy and the inherent awkwardness of making phone conversations via a speaker. The amazon echo and Google home records the audio to enable  Artificial Intelligence responses.


Amazon is in view of multiple options how the new phone feature could work, the Amazon Echo could get its own phone number and it enables call forwarding to that particular number which has to be answered to remotely through a  mobile.

Another choice is to sync a user’s existing contacts phone number and with the Echo. Incoming calls would ring on the user’s cellphone.

Amazon and Google could develop its calling tool by themselves, or they would allow external providers like Vonage or Skype onto their platforms.Moreover, Google is well expertise in this field, where it has been operating Google voice since 2009, the service providers use their own phone numbers which are used for VOIP calls and call forwarding.

Additionally, Google also sustains wireless service Project Fi, which taps off mobile data from a number of users, swapping between them according to signal strength and speed to ensure reliable user connectivity.

The Interesting news to the Apple users is that Apple is also going to work on a connected smart home device which would compete with Amazon echo and Google Home. The Apple’s smart home device will be driven by Siri, which is Apple’s voice-based assistant that’s already built in Macs and iPhones. It is used to control HomeKit-aided accessories and also offers advanced microphone and speaker technology. In addition, it also serves as a hub for smart products, which would be able to respond to Siri questions and react to the question asked by the users like playing music, displaying contacts.

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