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Allari Naresh is going strong

Allari Naresh, though several of his films are not doing well in recent years, he says he has learnt a lot.


Simply a few actors can uphold their own style. Like Allari Naresh, recognized for his characteristic comedy movies. The actor is now impending up with the movie Intlo Dayyam Nakem Bhayyam, a horror entertainment. “This is an innovative genre for me and director Nageswara Reddy. I have completed numerous comedy movies, but this is my first effort at a horror comedy,” says hero.

After bringing his profession best, Sudigadu four years back, numerous filmmakers loomed him to do the same type of subjects. “Everybody sought me to do more humor. So we focused on those lines, building the story weak. That’s the main reason why some movies didn’t do well at the box-office,” he clarifies.

He says that he has progressed on from his faults. “After Sudigadu I did a lot of trials to reach the complex audience. Persons told me that most of my movies did well at B and C centers, but to fascinate the complex crowd; I did movies like Laddu Babu and Bandipotu. Then those movies didn’t do well, and currently I am trying to correct it. This movie is totally story-based and the amusement is part of the script,” he speaks.

Speaking about his previous movie Selfie Raja, Naresh says, “Most of my movies do well and makers are contented. Though critics had inscribed off Selfie Raja, it really did well.”

Naresh is intense to try different categories as well as thoughtful subjects. “But producers come to me with comedy topics and I can’t able to say that I want to do a serious movie. At the completion of the day, it’s all commercial. I go conferring to my market and the commerce of my movies,” he confesses.

The king of comedy, Rajendra Prasad is also acting with Naresh in this future film. “However he did some hundreds of comedy movies, this ghost subject is a paramount for him. I learnt a lot from Prasad sir as he used to advise me on how to be elusive. In my previous movies, when I had a doubt about a specific scene, I used to watch his movies and replicate him,” says Naresh.

He reveals a motivating point about Sudigadu. “However the movie is my career best, everybody anticipated it to be a tragedy. Even my family didn’t trust in the film and primed me for disappointment. I didn’t go to my family and remained in the office that night. Only Nithin was positive about the movie. The next day, the film out and became a big hit,” says the hero.

His future projects comprise a family drama with director Anil Krishna. He also has a Tamil movie with director Samuthirakhani. “The Tamil picture was supposed to begin some time back, then the director was hectic and currently it will start in January,” says Naresh.

Currently, Naresh is spending more time with his four-week-old daughter. “I just want to give my daughter the same freedom my father gave me,” says the loving father.


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