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All you need to know about Two Countries Movie

Two Countries movie had got a great public response and got good box office collections


Two Countries is the comedy entertainer with lead roles of  Mamta Mohandas and  Dileep. The film is directed by Shafi and penned by Rafi of Rafi-Mecartin duo. Two Countries movie is produced under the banner Rejaputra Visual Media by Rejaputra Ranjith.

Overview of Two Countries Movie:

As continuously Dileep has held with another comic entertainer with elan. His flawless funny techniques and personal movements that make comedy work sits easily on his shoulders. Excitingly, he takes the help of other artists of same capability like Aju Varghese, Mamta and Suraaj Venjaramoodu had made the movie a big success.

In spite of the wafer skinny plot and the out-dated average storytelling, ‘Two Countries’ was able to carry out some open laughs. This is the sort of picture that takes the mind off heavy feelings and gives some perfect diversion to the detriment of others.

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Obviously, there is thoughtless jabbering, gab, insane, counter dialogues, dialogues that stink of partialities that our people still harbors, and over the best roles. Then all stated, the scribes have given mosey space for situational cleverness to work themselves out, particularly in those grouping including the fortune chasing useful for nothing hero and the alcoholic wife. Some of those grouping series of Suraaj – Mukesh, Aju – Dileep are truly joyful.

Srinda and Mamta have done their part in the comic role. The film provides no surprises. It unabashedly goes on laughs upon laugh. Sometimes, there is the touch of drama unraveling, yet Dileep’s acting deals with this. The storyline is essentially about a good for nothing lazy guy, who needs to have a rich life without working for it. In the mid of the fake cash making deeds of the hero, he happens to get married his childhood friend Laya, who got settled in Canada. Laya’s drunkenness and how they take a friendly relationship without first murdering each other is basically what the movie is all about.

With the Dileep – Mamta alliance, one gets aided to remember their hit film ‘My Boss’. As far as plot, ‘Two Countries’ is much cheesier and slender. But they have reproduced that chemistry in the movie. The cinematography is very beautiful and excited and so is the music. All the cast counting the lead couple and others including  Lena, Suraaj, Mukesh, Isha Talwar’s role presentation, Srinda have all done well. Shafi has made the movie in his average time and it has turned out well. If you are not too concerned about a film having a decent plot, this easy decision is a sure pick.

Script And Direction

It is a perfect rebound for Shafi, the filmmaker, after a short break. He has splendidly implemented the well-written screenplay and has used the talent in his star cast without limitations. Rafi has made utilization of all conceivable entertaining circumstances with his screenplay and the film reminds the old standard comedies at specific points.

Technical Aspects

The cinematographer, Santhana Krishnan, scores by bringing the new beauty of Canada into his frames. Joseph Nellickal, the art director, and V Saajan, the editor earn special merits.

Songs And Background Score

Gopi Sundar had composed the songs and background music and BK Harinarayanan has penned the lyrics. Nadhirshah has penned and formed one Melody song. Gopi’s melodies are not up to his typical flawlessness, while the background music is good. Nadhirshah’s song is just alright.


An overall hilarious entertainer for the individuals who love absolute comedy movies

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