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Alia Bhatt: I was called a liar in my school days

Alia Bhatt speaks as she recalls her school days and heart breaks.


Alia Bhatt left the audience awestruck in Udta Punjab, and is mesmeric them once again as a cinematographer in the new release Dear Zindagi. Alia Bhatt tells us about her choice of scripts and being an obsessive storyteller.

Speaking about her non-glamorous characters, she shares, “I am pleased I got to act in movies like Dear Zindagi and Udta Punjab since I want to fit into every single mould. However that doesn’t say I won’t do glamorous characters. I rose up watching Karishma Kapoor and Govinda dancing round trees! I sought to become a heroine watching all that allure. And most prominently, my career initiated with one such character.”

The heroine finds both glamorous and de-glamorous roles similarly challenging. She speaks, “I like doing off-beat pictures but I would like to do other movies as well. My dad once told me that individuals keep saying ‘I want to do things out-of-the-box’ and inquired me if I discerned what was in that box.”

She speaks that she picks movies based on her bond with the story as she adores narrating stories. “I was called as a liar in my school days by my friends since I would make up stories well. I was a possessed narrator. Stories have always been an essential part of my life and I promptly link with them. I trust that I am able to defend a role only as I connect with the story and the role,” she says. Alia, whose role in Dear Zindagi is told dealing with break-ups, speaks that “there is no fixed formula to get over a break-up in lifetime.” She speaks, “It is a very corny thing to say however just like the sores on our body that heals over time, the heart also heals on its own. It is fair that us humans are very irritated and want to fix the pain rapidly without feeling it.” When asked about her personal formula and she rapidly discloses, “I take a break or talk to a friend… Not many breakups I had however I have had my share.”

Does she have a notion of an idyllic man in mind? “There is no ideal guy! It is truly the way you feel for a being. The thing must for me— a great sense of humor,” she speaks.

Her role Kaira in Dear Zindagi gathered appreciation and deceptively Alia is a lot like her: “I link to Kaira more than any role I have essayed so far. I consider a lot of young persons will tell to her also. She has much insecurity to overcome. She is moody, so am I. But, I am not as impetuous as she is however yes I related to the way she ponders.”


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