Wednesday , April 24 2019

Aishwaryaa R Dhanush’s Dance Criticized

Aishwaryaa R. Dhanush’s Bharatanatyam concert at the UN got a lot of criticism from the professionals.


Aishwaryaa R. Dhanush’s request to execute at the UN headquarters in New York was signaled with much admiration, but the dance experts and culture fraternity are sad, to say the least.

When the videotape of her dance in NY was out online, experts and aspiring dancers took to social media to exhibit their shock at how unskilled Aishwaryaa’s dance was.

There was more hesitant on how those with periods of experience could never hope for an opportunity like this, and Aishwaryaa misused the chance. But at the similar time, there was defense for her, with numerous saying that it was not her mistake, but her expert’s for letting her receive the invitation and partake without being prepared or skilled. Is the reaction defensible or is the director-dancer, who’s also a UN Goodwill Ambassador being besieged?

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Anita Ratnam had taken to Twitter and was called Aishwaryaa’s dance the ‘pitiful state of Bharatanatyam at the UN’, she even added that there are several deserving dancers without party-political or star clout.


Murugashankari Leo Prabhu, a well-known Bharatanatyam proponent and research intellectual, orates, “Normally, in any field, individuals with impact and contact, get several opportunities. This arrives with some pros and cons, — if an artist is great, even if powerful, then it won’t matter. It is not my personal opinion but speaking for the community, I would speak that Bharatanatyam, as a knack form, is inspiring and is off-beat and several have devoted their life to it.

Sharing a point of view, Kathak dancer, Shrita Baskar, speaks, “There are numerous stalwarts and generally well-known persons who deserved to be on that podium. Usually speaking, regardless of being powerful, if they are trained, they certainly deserve chances. Take actress cum dancer Shobana for instance, in spite of the point that she has already a celebrity; no one can reject that she’s a brilliant dancer. I have been a classical dancer for about 14 years and only very just, I got to know that she is a dancer. And concerning her performance, I have to say it was not up to the mark.”

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