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After Paris Attack Donald Trump now puts Weighs in on France Vote

After Paris Attack Donald Trump now puts Weighs in on France Vote

Donald Trump as a wily prognosticator of European politics

Friday US President Donald Trump said a deadly attack in Paris will have a “big effect” in France presidential election and praised Marine Le Pen far-right candidate on immigration, in unusually candid comments before the vote.

US President who enjoyed in breaking with political convention is on his way to the White House, likes disrupting political feathers and is also enjoying in predicting further political earthquakes all around the globe that echo is his shocking win in November.

To the Associated Press in comments he added, he was not ratifying Le Pen, but called her as the candidate one who is “strongest on borders, and she is the strongest on what has been going on in France.”

The Republican president prophesied the attack sued by the ISIS group, in which gunman was shot dead a policeman and also injured two others persons on the world-famous avenue and that would “probably help” her chances.

He tweeted yesterday that “Another terrorist attack in Paris. The France people will not take much more of this. It will have a big effect on presidential election!”

The attack has been rocking in the France’s presidential race with just few days to go before the first round of voting.

The long back bloodshed had feared the ahead of Sunday’s first round after a string of jihadist atrocities then 2015, and the shooting on the Champs-Elysees had forced some serious security to the top of the agenda in the campaign.

Is he Backing Le Pen?

On the awake of the attack three of the four presidential frontrunners centrist Emmanuel Macron, conservative Francois Fillon and Le Pen had called off the campaign events planned on Friday.

Le Pen was one of the first to offer her congratulations to Trump.

When she spotted in Trump Tower in January, the team of Trump made it clear that no meetings were scheduled.

Trump has more generally portrayed himself as a wily prognosticator of European politics, notably claiming he foresaw Brexit. London as an example he also says he believes other countries.

Le Pen, who has widely seen as taking the hardest line on security in borders, has called up France “immediately” to take back the control of its own borders from the European Union and expel all foreigners on a terror watch list.

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