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After 20 years, Anantapur dam gets Karnataka water

Bhiravani Tippa dam in Anantapur gets water from the Vanivilasasagar in Karnataka district after 20 years, succeeding heavy rainfall.


Anantapur: After a huge gap of two decades, the Bhiravani Tippa dam has started getting water from Karnataka from this Thursday.

Heavy rainfall in the catchment zone of the Vanivilasasagar in Karnataka leads to in heavy arrivals reaching the project.

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Hefty rains in Anantapur and regions of surrounding Karnataka for the last few days also backed in heavy invasions to the Bhiravani Tippa project situated in Gummagatta mandal in Rayadurgam.

It might be evoked that the Hagari river bed in Kanekal mandal used to resemble a desert owing to consecutive years of dearth rainfall.

The Andhra Pradesh state government had taken up the management of sand dunes over various projects. It had also sanctioned alteration of Krishna waters from HNSS canal over PAB reservoir. The mega project was to dig the canal to BT project from PABR.

The dry project got water for the first time in two decades succeeding heavy rains in upstream regions of Karnataka.

“The last time we have seen the reservoir filled with water was two decades previously, but no flows were seen since then”, said Mr. Ramalinga Reddy, an agriculturalist.

Authorized sources stated most of the tanks got water due to heavy rainfalls for the last few days in the area. Heavy rains also spoiled the standing crops, typically the orchards of guava and papaya in many parts of the district.

Rayalaseema has got excess rainfall from the southwest monsoon this year, which is an erratic occurrence.

While that is so, the regions of Anantapur district that grounds on the Tungabhadra dam still have no good newscast. The dam at Hospet still has very little quantity of water. It is anticipated that little or no water will be out from the High-Level Canal to the district.

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After 20 years, Anantapur dam gets Karnataka water
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