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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Row: Karan Johar Relents, Bollywood Fumes

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil breathed a sigh of relief.


After few weeks of sleepless nights, group Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had breathed a sigh of respite on Saturday, when MNS main Raj Thackeray’s group promised to let a smooth proclamation of the movie. It came at a weighty price of course — Rs 5 crore to be accurate.

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Obeying with MNS’ plea, Karan Johar purportedly decided to pay Rs 5 crore to the warriors’ fund laterally with paying homage to the sacrifices of the Uri terror attack and that will be shown as a glide at the start of the movie. His colleagues, however, aren’t lauding the sign.

Requesting producers to compensate is not okay. This is complete extortion and I don’t consider the military should take this money. This is the nastiest type of goondagardi you can visualize. This is politically driven; it has not anything to do with any sort of actual, real nationalism.

— Karan Anshuman, filmmaker

Uri attacks occurred a month ago, so why this emotive wave right now? This is further a concession and this doesn’t imitate my point of opinion. Artistic work will be a soft objective now. Legislators are doing what they do top, but why couldn’t we, as imaginative folks, view up for what’s true? There is hard work that goes into a venture, why should it be uncontrolled? If rich and fruitful people can’t stand up for their privileges, then who can aid them?

— Vivek Agnihotri, filmmaker

My pities are with Karan Johar. The movie was shot while the bilateral association was good, when Pakistani and Indian delegates were in contact with each other and trade was vigorous. As it is for a director, there is plentiful pressure to knob before a movie’s release. This is a very bigoted step that has been engaged.

— Onir, filmmaker

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has been certified by the Censor Board and Home Minister Rajnath Singh had promised a harmless passage for its release. The stuff should have completed there. The character of the Maharashtra Chief Minister was strong; he had to confirm law and order. As an alternative, he brokered a contract between Raj Thackeray and the producers, who puts a fee of Rs 5 crore for presentation of nationalism. What a dishonorable state of affairs!

— Shabana Azmi, actress

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