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Adah Sharma: Horror gave me my first break

Adah Sharma speaks to us about her future movie Commando 2 and more.


Adah Sharma kicked off her profession in Bollywood with the horror movie 1920 and has also featured in a number of movies down South. The heroine is back in action in B town in the character of  Bhavna Reddy in the upcoming Deven Bhojani movie Commando 2.  In an interview, she discloses how, being a Tamil Brahmin herself, she needs she could act in a Tamil flick, how the backing of her family retains her going, and more.

What encouraged you to say yes to Commando 2?

I really fell in love with the character when I auditioned for the movie, as I have never done rather like this before. I have done emotive dramas. Getting an opportunity to make people smile instead of crying appeared like a lot of amusement. This is also the first time that anybody is trying out the Telugu Hyderabadi twang. The Muslim Dakni accent of the zone has been done before, but not this one.

You have done a number of movies down South. How is it that you haven’t done a Tamil movie yet?

I am a Tamilian but haven’t done any Tamil movie yet! It’s so sarcastic. I am a hardcore Tamilian when it originates to food particularly. I can’t live without South Indian diet.

Having alleged that, I have been offered few movies but I want to do something prodigious. I don’t want to do something just for the heck of it. I have really signed a Tamil movie but I am very credulous, so I don’t like to speak about it.

How hard is it to get movies in Bollywood?

Down South it’s a slight easier since you get your next movie based on the accomplishment of your former one. In Bollywood I don’t discern how it is I have no awareness. I don’t have a godfather but I have been very lucky. The competition is very hard though.

Is your family very conventional or they are open-minded when it comes to your profession?

I ponder my family is very open-minded but I do self-policing than anybody else. I have always been specified all the liberty by my family.  No one actually questions me as such about what characters I take up and so I can test as I want.

You began your career with horror movie, are you still open to more movies in the genre?

After I did 1920, I was given a few horror movies but I think I should get into that sort only if I think I can make somewhat different. Horror gave me my first break but I will only do another movie if I can push the wrapper.


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