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Acupuncture can Prevent Hot Flashes among Menopausal Women

Acupuncture might reduce the harshness of abrupt feeling of feverish heat – a distinctive indication of menopause – in some females, according to experts.


After 8 weeks of acupuncture dealing, experts at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in the United States observed that about half the ladies in the investigation had condensed occurrence of hot flashes.

“Females concerned by hot flashes and night sweats might want to offer acupuncture a try as a properly low-cost, low-risk cure,” said lead journalist Nancy Avis, instructor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre.

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Avis said “Females who had a fall in their hot flashes have seen a profit opening after about 3 to 4 weeks of weekly treatment procedures.”

The investigation was intended to inspect diverse patterns of retorts to acupuncture. Contestants comprised 209 primenopausal and postmenopausal females ages 45 to 60 that had on regular at least 4 hot flashes or night sweats in a day.

Females were randomized to obtain up to 20 acupuncture treatments in six months or to a regulator group.

Out of the 170 females who got acupuncture, a minor group of females (11.9 per cent) had an 85 percent drop in hot flashes by the 8th week of the investigation, Avis told.

Forty-seven percent of the investigation group described a 47 percent decrease over this same time border.

Conversely, 37 percent presented only a slight decrease of 9.6 percent in occurrence of hot flashes, despite the fact four per cent described a 100 per cent upsurge in hot flashes.

“We had expected to classify some of the features of the women who profited from acupuncture, but like so many treatments, we could not actually tell ahead of time that would advantage,” Avis said.

The investigation appears in the journal Menopause.

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