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Abhishek Bachchan: My Chennai Roots Run Deep


Abhishek Bachchan is as alluring as ever, as the 40 years old co-owner of the Chennaiyin FC football team comes to the city for his crew’s home game. Abhishek is in a gung-ho temper; and he has each right to be, as namma ooru are the ruling champs in the ISL. As the fresh season develops faster than ever, AB Junior catches time for a rapid interview.

How do you attach with Chennai?

I have been coming to the city since I was a teen. I would often tag together with my dad when he comes here for shooting. Once I became an actor, I approached here for the shooting of 5 films. Moreover, I toiled with Mani Ratnam sir here in Chennai. Thus, my link with the city has always been here. Currently with Chennaiyin FC, the origins just got deeper.

Was Chennai your first selection, when you thought to own an ISL team?

When my companion Vita Dani and I thought to get into ISL, Chennai was the only one team that wasn’t there. We innate the team and wanted to do something for Indian football. I was very pleased when Chennai came up — since we knew that there is an evolving and new market here. There was a lot of prospective to craft something new.

How you felt about Chennai not having a group in the pro kabbadi league, in spite of the game being very well-known here?

In the past season, we had a giant amount of sustenance from this state. So, I believe that Tamil Nadu also has a group in Jaipur competing for them.

Coming back to Chennaiyin FC, what do you do to tie with your players?

What can I do? Shall I go and wake them up in the morning (he laughs). No, I devote more amount of time with them. That is the mode Vita and I would like to work. We connect with the players, eat with them, travel together and hang out. We are like a family.

Has ISL truly helped in emerging fresh talents in Indian football?

I saw the quality of Indian football progress after ISL. Gratefully, the position of Indian football team has also enhanced. Ever since season one, I have perceived a vast difference and more Indian players profiting from the result.

Who do you suspect to be the hardest rival for Chennaiyin?

I consider all the teams have had good offseason projects this season — and all of them will be hard to play in contradiction of. It is not fair one team this time about.

Only some players from here are from city’s ISL team; what do you do to train more local talents?

We are having a new player, Mohanraj from Chennai, performing in the team currently. We have a wide grass root program that is being controlled by our assistant manager Pasha, who is a native, and a valued national level player. Thus, we are looking forward to tarn in more of local talents.

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