Monday , January 21 2019

Aadhaar Operators Reserved For Malicious Practices

HYDERABAD: Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) has blacklisted 112 operators in Telangana and 149 in Andhra Pradesh to engage in malicious practices in issuing Aadhaar cards over a month. UIDAI has reserved 495 cases against registration agencies in both states.

Aadhaar Operations

112 Aadhaar operators have been reserved for malicious practices in Telangana

“Operators operating under 20 agencies unofficially collected funds for the registration of Aadhar’s applications despite their release and will be blacklisted for one year,” UIDAI Vice President , MVS Ramireddy.

Of the total of 495 cases, the maximum number of cases was reserved for Hyderabad (55). For each case, agencies must pay 10,000 francs as penalties and will be blacklisted for one year. However, their licenses will be resumed after that.

According to officials, Aadhaar’s registration is free but nominal fees are collected for processing applications. Agencies can only charge Rs25 for updating citizen biometric information, Rs10 can be collected for the Aadhar card search, Rs10 for Blackwhite Aadhaar printing and Rs20 for Color printing.

There is no charge for children under 5 years of age to update the details of Aadhaar.

There are about 400 registration agencies throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and 15 of them are based in Hyderabad.

It was found that suspended operators collected Rs50 to Rs100 of people for enrollment. In some cases, some authorized agencies from Maharashtra and Karnataka, who were not registered with AP and Telangana, traveled here.

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Last year, UIDAI received 4,000 cases of embezzlement across the country, according to which the regional offices conducted investigations. Officials said they were conducting further investigations to eliminate agencies that did so on a regular basis.

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Aadhaar Operators Reserved For Malicious Practices
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