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A worker got a message of 1.26cr balance from a bank

A worker got a message of 1.26cr balance from a bank

A small worker in Chittoor, who used to lead his life on the daily wages, One day for the surprise of god, He got a message on his phone. That made him turns to the highest part on his wheel of fortune. All about that two lines message he received. It was about a single statement of his account in Andhra bank balance, that made his eyes wide opened by seeing 1.26cr bank balance statement credited in his Andhra bank account at Gurramkonda branch, and he informed all his friends and relatives about the message, and this made everyone shocked, added with the message proof sent by the bank itself. The message had attracted all the media. And the publicity had reached its peak in the entire social media network.

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And this issue was settled by the clear statement given by the bank manager Afsar Ali.  It was, worker Nazir, he asked a bank correspondent of Saptagiri Grameena bank Saradha to deposit 250 rupees in his Andhra bank account on 14th December. And she had credited 250 rupees in his Andhra bank account. But due to the technical error, the message sent stating by 1.26cr amount credited his account. And this error had created huge sensation in media.

And the thriller ended, by asking him to notice the second message that had been sent soon after the first message. And that 2nd message was explained. As it was a technical error and the 1.26cr of balance was not credited in his account, and this was revealed out to Nazir as he

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