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A Survey Says Indian travellers use Social Media Apps When Holidaying

Most of the Indian travellers spend about two and half hours daily on social media channels.


Indian travellers mostly spend their time glued to their mobiles because of fear of missing out on something even though they are away, based on a recent survey. Mobile Travel Tracker review exposed that tourists spend about 50 percent more time on their mobiles when they are on a vacation.

Nearly, 73 percent of Indians book hotel rooms on smartphones: Study

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The worldwide study was done among 9,200 travellers over 31 countries. “Although away on a break we do social media show offs, make use of mobiles to search for our subsequent meal and will have Facebook face-offs with our travelling companions,” the survey witnessed. Whereas on a holiday, 95 percent of Indian travellers devote most of their time on Facebook when compared to other social media networks, it says.

Indian tourists normally spend two and half hours daily on social media channels with Facebook foremost the list, the survey observed.

Instead of soothing and relishing themselves on a break, most of the travellers have a factual case of FOMO, which forces them to remark on posts just to not missing out on something when they are away. On probing content while on a holiday, food is a significant factor for Indian tourists, it says. “Most of the Indian travellers self-confessed that their mobile is their main source of info when they were away. When it approaches to probing for content, they search for delicious food options over top fascinations,” it told.

The survey specified that the restaurants and food markets are the most general searches (80 percent), internationally. Other prevalent search after food is – traveler attractions like maps and directions, public transport and local beaches. “For wanderers the mobile effect starts with booking, as 42 percent of people in our investigation have booked a guesthouse on mobile. It is, consequently, no wonder that today’s contemporary tourist is so needy on their smartphone. As expertise is proceeding, it is becoming a more crucial travel companion,” says the Senior Director of Mobile Dan Craig of

The survey presented some travellers, particularly millennials, devote more time watching at their screens than relishing the sun or the sights, he told.

Conversely, most tourists are really using their device to search for native restaurants, to aid them get about and stay associated with the complete world, Craig said. “Only 40 percent of people might have known to uploading photos to social media to make their friends envious but we all distinguish you have definitely Instagrammed a break selfie to display off ”, he added.

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