Monday , March 25 2019

A lonely birthday for Kamal Haasan

Regularly every year, Kamal brings in his birthday with both very close friends from outside the film industry such as they share the same birth date.


The Mega Star Kamal Haasan turned 62 on Monday, with a very quiet birthday. It did not contain any celebrations, appreciations to his partner of 13 years having left, and his fitness setback.

“My leg, which feels pain a multi-fracture in August, received a neural pain on Monday. The pain is intolerable and I’m on sedation most of the time nowadays. So, there’s hardly any chamber for celebration,” says the artist in a groggy voice.

Commonly every year, Kamal brings in his celebrations with two very close friends from outside the film industry as they share the similar birth date. “But this time, I had to say no to their request; there’s too much agony. I’m sedated with the physical pain, but the other pain is not something I need to go out in public with.”

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Gautami’s leaving has left him upset, but he keeps quiet. “I’m not about to have public breakdowns,” he utters. “Soreness is nothing new to me — I’ve dealt with it all my lifetime.”

Kamal also looked to escape interactions with followers this birthday. “They wouldn’t like me walk with difficulty on one leg and looking groggy with sedation,” he says, even as he looks forward to meet his daughter Shruti and Akshara.

As a result, is this the unhappiest birthday of his lifetime? “No,” he confirms. “My unhappiest one was my 16th birthday. I was directionless, directionless and without any purpose in life. My dad gave me a dressing down. I remember I locked for myself in the room and cried extremely. It’s the first time I’ve cried on my birthday.”

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