Thursday , February 21 2019

263 coins, chain, blades, needles found in Madhya Pradesh man’s stomach

A team of six doctors has removed 10-12 shaving blades, chain, 4 needles, coins, glass pieces – together weighing 5kg, from the man’s stomach in Madhya Pradesh.


Satna: In a sporadic surgery, doctors in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district in recent times has removed 5-kilogram iron objects – as many as 263 coins, a chain, and shaving blades – from the stomach of a guy who they said is not in a good frame of mind.

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The 32 years old Mohammed Maqsood, who comes from Sohaval village in Satna district, was moved to the state-run Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Hospital in connecting Rewa on 18th November after he protested of pains in stomach.

Dr. Priyank Sharma of Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (SGMCH), on this Sunday, said that they recognized the cause behind Maqsood’s stomachache after doing the tests and through an X-ray.

He stated a team of six doctors surgically removed 10-12 shaving blades, 4 big needles, a chain, and 263 coins, besides pieces of glasses – together weighing 5 kg, from the stomach of Maqsood on this Friday.

He stated Maqsood had been treated for 6 months in Satna before he was taken to Rewa.

“The patient was not in a good frame of mind and it appears he swallowed these objects furtively,” Dr. Sharma said, saying that Maqsood is doing well and is presently under the observation of a group of experts.

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