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254 dead in Colombia mudslides, including 43 children

Colombia Mudslides

Colombia President, Juan Manuel Santos said that the mudslides in the town of Mocoa killed 254 people, including 43 children.

President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos said, at least 243 people and 43 of the children were killed in the mudslides in the town of Mocoa, Colombia.

The president traveled to the town of Mocoa to look over the relief operations and warned the toll could keep climbing.

The president posted on Twitter “Unfortunately, these are still preliminary figures.”

“We offer our prayers for all of them. We send our condolences and the entire country’s sympathies to their families.”

The people who are injured in the mudslides described the incident and the rescuers kept up a bleak search for victims in the muck and debris.

A 38-year-old Marta Gomez who covered with the mud said that she was going to search her missing niece.
She said, “I went to look for my niece, but I couldn’t find her. I dug and dug and found what turned out to be a baby’s hand. It was horrible.”

Marta Gomez said that she waited to register for the administration support for losing her home in the mudslides.
Many of the Saviors worked in the stifling heat under a cloudy sky in the Amazon town of Colombia.

The town was left with Children’s toys, buried cars, and uprooted trees and the mudslides swept away all the trees, vehicles, bridges and houses.

A Francis Pope said that he was praying for the victims and the president gave the statements to speed up the relief operations.

The department of Health said they had sent the sanitation specialists to prevent the spreading of the disease.Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) helping to rebuild the town again.

A 44-year-old Marta Ceballos said she has lost everything, but she is thankful her family is alive.

Many utilities need to be getting restored to the Mocoa, and all the works will be done as soon as possible. Some of the local authorities said repairing the electrical substation may take some time.

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Retired Mocoa resident Hernando Rodriguez said, there are a lot of people in the streets, lots of people displaced and many houses have collapsed.

In the last month, a mudslide in the north of the country lost 10 people.

Climate plays a significant role in the natural disasters said a senior UN official.

UN chief for Colombia, Martin Santiago said, the climate change results in terms of intensity, frequency and magnitude of these natural effects, which the town Mocoa has seen.

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