Monday , March 18 2019

2 days later Kannada picture mishap, body of actor Raghav Uday recovered

Uday and Anil Verma had jumped onto a barrage from a helicopter and sank while shooting for Duniya Vijay’s ‘Masti Gudi’.


Mumbai: Body of Kannada artist Raghav Uday, who had gone missing after jumping off a helicopter onto the Thippagondanahalli Lake while shooting for a Kannada movie, was found on Wednesday.

The artist, along with Anil Verma and lead actor of the film, Duniya Vijay had jumped a good 30 feet onto the stream. While Vijay swam onto land, Anil and Uday couldn’t and had been lost ever since.

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The forces had cited absolute negligence towards protection measures as the reason of the mishap. A case of responsible homicide had been marched against the maker of the film, ‘Masti Gudi,’ who’s been absconding ever since.

While Vijay had been provided a protection harness, the late actors weren’t provided care measures, in spite of having admitted to not actually great swimmers before start of shoot.

Talking to a Kannada news network before performing the feat, Raghav Uday had said he was “afraid” of the act and was not good at swimming.

“I’m very fearful first of all. I have not done (such stunt) so far, nor have I seen someone performing such feat so far, so I’m afraid. Whatever protection is done there is always a fear inside, in spite of that the situation is that I have to do it… He too supposed he was not good in swimming. “…I’m not that good in swimming, I can fall (into water) and arise out, but I have never fallen over into water from such a depth, so there is certain sort of fear within me.”

Stating that safety measures had been taken by the team Members, he said “preparation is what they have ready, they have whispered that once we fall they will arise (in boat), we are dependent on it, if there is anything above it, there is God.”

The body of Anil Verma is so far to be retrieved.

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