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khakee Movie Review

Khakee movie reviews: starring Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh


Vinoth’s Telugu movie Khakee, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, dubbed Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh, has received positive reviews and audience ratings.

Khakee is a crime thriller written by director Vinoth. Hero Karthi is the maker of the most popular young actor in Telugu and Tamil which has released the initial version, Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, for his own name in cash. The film received a U / A certificate from the review board that ran for 2 hours and 21 minutes.

Story: Karthi is a tough, sincere policeman due to his frequent transfer of orders. He fell in love with a village lady (Rakul Preet Singh) to marry them at his police training. He was then assigned a dangerous bandit gang, behind which was a series of crimes. What’s wrong with him, the key to the story form of buddy gang leader.


Analysis: Khakee is an intense cop band play, which is based on a police officer and some real events, real life. vinoth write tight script, almost no boring moments. Audiences said the director combined commercials such as music and romance with the police story.

Performance: Khakee is a completely new role for Karthi and him to do justice. His exciting show is the highlight of the film. Rakul Preet Singh’s charms and chemistry and heroes are also one of the movie’s attractions. Abhimanyu Singh, Bose Venkat, Scarlett Mellish Wilson, Mathew Varghese, Rohit Pathak and others have done a good job of saying the audience by assets.

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Technology: SR and SR Prakashbabu Prabhu, who photographs for its Dream Warriors, has Khakee already produced good values. Ghibran’s song and soundtrack, Sathyan Sooryan’s movie, action and dialogue arranges the sights on the tech side, says fans.

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khakee Movie Review
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