Tuesday , April 23 2019

Jackie Chan feels ‘useless’ : Las Vegas Shooting

Jackie Chan hoped that he could use his martial arts skills to help those who were injured in the Sunday shooting in Las Vegas.

Jackie Chan

‘Many young kids said,’ Jackie chan, you’re a hero. You are a hero, I really want to be a superhero, so I can fly over the world, save the people, beat bad people, put them in prison. But sometimes I look at this, I’m just useless, ‘Chan said, the only thing I can do is to pray for them.

Jackie Chan has the opportunity to fight with terrorists in his new act thriller ‘foreigner’. The actor was dramatically turned into a grief-stricken father, responsible for finding the cause of the explosion that led to his daughter’s death.
‘I hope through this movie, tell people to stop this violence,’ Chan said. ‘It’s a good message to stop this horrible thing, stop the bombing and stop hurting innocent people.’

Jackie Chan

After the attacks in Las Vegas, other films were canceled, or their promotional activities were reduced, which was a problem that Chan had been thinking for a long time.

Yes, it’s challenging,’ he said, continuing the film’s promotional tour, which included Thursday’s Los Angeles premiere.
63-year-old Hong Kong star is to prove that he can do the martial arts. ‘I want to be a real actor.I do not want the audience to always think I am a star of action. I am old, I can not play again. I want to be a Robert De Niro. I want to be a Clinte Eastwood, ‘he explained. They are real actors, but they can fight! ‘

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Chan said that a romantic leader in a music would be a dream concert. ‘I’m happy to do it! I want to be a special person.I want to be in a motion comedy movie music.You know singing [and] dancing fight,’ Chan said. ‘If a director invited me to do some Los Angeles music and music, I would be happy. I really tried everything, anything.

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