Tuesday , March 19 2019

Prince Harry Makes First Public Appearance with Girlfriend

British Prince Harry and his girlfriend actress Megen Markel watch wheelchair tennis tournament in Toronto, IG game in Ontario

Prince Harry

British prince Harry and American girlfriend Khan Megen Markel made his first public appearance last Monday, the couple holding hands, watching the tennis wheelchair game at the Toronto Invictus game.

Markle, an actress starred in the drama “legal suit,” has been with Harry for more than a year. They all appeared at the opening ceremony of the Worship Games on the weekend but sat together and did not take pictures together.

On Monday they were wearing jeans and sunglasses, but did not escape the crowd’s attention, which cheered for their arrival. They looked relaxed, in the game, they were arranged to chat, and chatting behind them in the audience.

There are about 200 to 300 spectators in the game, and they can participate free of charge.

IG Game was a wounded soldier founded in 2014 by Harry International Sports Competition, William’s brother, the second heir to the British throne.

prince harry

The couple’s eyes into the public together may exacerbate speculation that marriage is on the horizon and only adds interest in the Mark’s media. Harry, William and William’s wife, Kate, are headlines for British newspapers and gossip magazines that run through all aspects of their lives.

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Harry’s criticism of the media’s criticism of the “wave of abuse and harassment” in November last year led to a comment on the 36-year-old actress in the British newspaper, including his complaint of racial works The

Markle, a divorced, native of Los Angeles is the father of white, mother African American. Markle told Fellowship magazine earlier this month that she and Harry fell in love with her first direct comment on the relationship.

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