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 SC: Automobile firms need to own responsibility to curb pollution in Delhi NCR

 SC: Automobile firms need to own responsibility to curb pollution in Delhi NCR

SC: Automobile companies should take responsibility to control pollution in Delhi-NCR

As a wake-up call to the giants of automobile to contribute a bit to curb rise of pollution levels in Delhi and NCR, on Thursday the Supreme Court said that a collective effort is necessary to clean up the air.

Justice MB Lokur who had headed the bench on March 29 has banned sale and restricted BS-III vehicles from April 1, new emission norms came into existence. It has rejected the argument of automobile makers and didn’t prohibit prohibit sale but said to stop the manufacturing of old fuel technology vehicles.

In a detail judgement that has released on Thursday, The bench has outlined the reasons for imposing the ban and saying that the court can’t close its eyes to the “phenomenal rise” of pollution levels in Delhi, as per a study, Delhi is the most toxic city to live in. Court said that it is not concerned just about the current population, but for the future generations who have an “entitlement to breathe pollution-free air.”

As the studies pointing to the benefits of BS-IV auto fuel is referred in order and the judges preached that modern technology might slightly reduce particulate matter in the air by 80 per cent when compared to the BS-III.

The bench said that, However, if any one looks at the issue of air pollution, now it is the time to realize and make a collective effort to clear up the air. In this process, the auto giants have vast role to play and should wake up to their responsibility for the benefit of all of us. The court has given its order on application seeking the ban filed by the EPCA constituted by the top court.

It is also said that the health of each and every person in our country is most important and we are not willing to take any submission that health of the people can be compromised, even in the smallest measures, for all the commercial interests of automobile industry or any other industry for that matter.

It continued that though the development versus environment paradigm might be debated on but there can’t be any debate in public health paradigm versus development.

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